Support Border Volunteers – volunteers – End of Year 2018 and Beyond

Support American Immigration Lawyers Association Minnesota Dakotas chapter members and their staff to provide legal representation and assistance to individuals detained at facilities near the southern border.  Our volunteer members and their staff travel to Detention Center locations for one week to provide legal representation and assistance to detained individuals who are requesting Asylum in the US.  Our volunteer members work five days at the detention facility preparing individuals for credible fear interviews.  These interviews are detailed and mirror an asylum interview.  Our members and their staff work 12 hour + days in the facility and return to their hotels to sleep and get up and do all over again the next day.  They returned home exhausted and emotional drained however knowing that their work is extremely important and meaningful.

The outcome of the credible fear interview is extremely important to the applicant.  If credible fear is found, the individual and child(ren) are eligible to be released on bond.  They are able pursue Asylum before the Immigration Court.  Non-detained applicants have more time to find legal representation and prepare the asylum claim.  They often have the opportunity to access mental health and support services.  This allows for an increased likelihood of success.

The funds collected from these donations will help defer travel costs associated with members volunteer work.  This includes flight, hotel and car rental.  Attorneys and their staff volunteer their time.  Many are leaving busy immigration law practices.  For those of us not able to travel to Texas and take a week to volunteer, we can help support our members who do with donations to help defer some travel expenses.

Our members who volunteer return to the chapter and share their experiences that help the rest us learn more about the process that many of our clients experience before they make it into our offices and before our Immigration Court Judges.  The MNDAK chapter is grateful and proud of our member volunteers!  Thank you!  The Zimmer Law Firm just sent sent several staff members to Texas to volunteer and they are sending two more groups this year.  Paula Duthoy volunteered in January and took law students on the trip.  Paula has volunteered many weeks representing families in detention.  Kara Lynum and Brian Aust are recent volunteers.

Donate at any level.  You may donate on this website or send donation to Misit Allen Binsfeld, past chapter chair at Binsfeld Law Firm, 790 Cleveland Avenue South, Suite 206, St. Paul, MN 55116.  Funds will be deposited in AILA MNDAK account to be provided to member volunteers supporting detained mothers and children.

Thank you for your support!

Event Date/Time

Thursday, January, 31 2019, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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